Emilia Castus (Emilygrace Angelie Lerio) is a 20 something spiny earthling. She is a graduate of Fine arts major in Advertising Arts and currently making money out of Design. She pays her monthly bills, while wondering why eye bags are not heavy even if they look so substantial.

She left Philippines to work in Dubai and recently finds herself in nowhere  everywhere.

She had her glorious days in winning art competitions but recently struggling whether to freelance or to play dead. She is a fan of her brother Loloy and a constant stalker of planet earth. She loves traveling, mindless sketching, and looking around. She has her double chin check every selfie time, and wants to art forever.

She has a thing for cacti, fabric patterns, textures, booooooooooooks, and concept art. She is passionate about commuting cause it makes her see things. She loves sun kisses and petrichor and adult unicorns.

Things she can do for you and her interests: 


Emilia Castus Portfolio: Behance | Creatopia

120x120 growemiliacastus.com is a journey of a cactus who loves blogs about art, fashion, timezones , and of course her cacti kingdom. For more information, you may download her Creative Resume, shoot her an email or visit her mini Ikea greenhouse.