Losers gonna lose but dreamers gonna dream.The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost - Emlia Castus

Emilia Castus entry for Dubai Art Bus Design competition in cooperation with Art in the City and Dubai Culture & Arts Authority with the theme ‘Literature Reimagined.’

Art Bus Design Proposal Brief

Robert Frost poem “The Road Not Taken,” for me is a poem of regret and acceptance but in the end we all agree that it made us different. I remembered once my professor drew a circle on a white board, he asked me if it was flat or round and I said it was both. He did not tell me if it was correct but I guess in life you just have to figure it out.

In the Art Bus design I created, I made two roads one is “The Road Taken by Me,” the other one is what Frost imagined or what we dream of. The first road shows maturity, growth, and a fair share of realistic beauty. On the other hand, the right road make it clear how “what ifs” make us pop and surreal. Human beings tend to think of the other side as something more, something edgy, and something extravagant. He/ she think of the road not taken as tacos, french fries, and ice cream rolled into one edible sushi. Maybe the other side have better right angles, perfect lipstick hues, or better opportunities – a better career or a better wife or husband. A better jungle to discover, or a flawless flamingo dancing some jazz that we may miss. Whatever we think the “what if road” will always be more alluring on our current case. But we realized sooner that The Road Not Taken will always be faceless, not because we are frighten to see it but simply because in life we cannot get everything… and yes we can still live with that too.

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost-02

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