Nepal Art is everywhere, a box gallery house is unnecessary to see and breathe art. As a matter of fact I was in Kathmandu when I caught Herakut looking at me. Yes, on the streets on the walls, temples, hotels, and even coffee shops. How you want to be inspired is merely up to where you wanna be. 

Herakut Kathmandu

Nepal | Street Art

there's a rainbow after the earthquake.

There is a rainbow after the earthquake.

Nepal Street Art Buddha

What you see is usually how you look.

Nepal Street Art

Found in Pokhara, Nepal, how street artists vary from one culture to another how awesome is that?

Nepal Street Art

They even pray when they art. 

Nepal Street Art

Meanwhile in Nepal, the owl has a shadow.

Nepal Street Art

I see what you did there.

Nepal | Puppet

Subject: Religious Puppet  Color Palette: is Faith

Nepal PuppetNepal Puppet7 Nepal Puppet Nepal Puppet

Nepal | Mascara

Nepal MascaraNepal MascaraNepal Mascara

Nepal | Traditional Arts

Subjects: Religious Art and Nepali People Color Palette: is culture

Nepal Artsome worship the sun, some just work and shop.Nepal Nepal ArtNepal PaintingNepal ArtNepal Traditional ArtNepal Art142015-10-15 at 7.29.29 PM 9Nepal Mirror ArtNepal ArtNepal CalendarNepal Art

Nepal | Interior Design

Nepal Emboss

More Nepal artsy pictures on Flickr. Photographs by Emilia Castus.